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I gotta feeling!

The Black eyed Teaz are the Worlds number 1 tribute to the Worlds number 1 band.

Formed in 2010 these the Teaz have been on a rollercoaster journey that has seen them perform all over Europe and the UK.

The Black Eyed Peas have had countless hits from the early pop/hip-hop of WHERE IS THE LOVE? to the ELECTRO rhythms of DON’t STOP THE PARTY & I GOTTA FEELIN with the latter being the most downloaded song of all time and a guaranteed floor-filler at any event. These guys replicate the sound and look of the band perfectly, prompting quite a few punters @ a recent gig @ THE VENUE, London to squeal, “Oh my god they have the Black Eyed Peas onstage!!!!” as relayed to us by the manager who found it hilarious.

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