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What Have We Got To ‘SHOW’ You?

Where in the world can you go where there will be many different theatre acts all in one place for you to choose from. Down by the Riverside Festival are proud to be able to bring you a theatre themed festival based around our different acts and theatre groups.


The Main Event

The phoenix’s beauty was unparalleled
Her strength lay within her core
The ability to rise again
Making her the one to adore

She flew above the crags and lakes always listening
Hoping to find the music that would make her heart sing
By the riverside she found him
Dancing on the shore
The turtle of her dreams that made her heart soar

At last their souls connected
They would search no more
Happily ever after beckoned
Or did it, I’m not so sure…


About Emergency Exit Arts

The company has a national and international reputation for excellent site specific and touring work, community and cultural celebrations and interactive performances in public spaces. We work with a large team of creative specialists, giving us the ability to deliver on every aspect of a project; artistic direction, design, construction, performance, facilitation, community engagement, production and event management.

Sharklegs Theatre

SharkLegs is a visual theatre company making work which is irreverent, poignant and accessible with more references to The Dark Crystal than is perhaps healthy.
It is our mission to make creative work for the creative audience: work which inspires audiences to find their own creativity and look at the world in a new way – to see the robot in the cardboard box or the paper puppet in the copy of the metro.

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Bash Street Theatre

Bellevue Hotel is a brand-new, outdoor, family show from Bash Street Theatre Co.

Set around a downtrodden boarding house in a typical seaside town, Bellevue Hotel combines silent comedy, circus skills and live music with a narrative of post-war Britain that still resonates today. It tells a story of hope against adversity, and a struggle against the odds, as hotel proprietor Elsie Lovejoy determines to fight against an eviction order issued by a greedy property developer.

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The Phoenix

Can you catch the fiery magical Phoenix? Watch her twirl, bounce and dance through the festival, with creative dance inspired games to entertain everyone!

The Turner sisters make up TurnAround Dance Theatre who are are local touring dance company. They create bespoke dance and circus performances that will touch, move and inspire audiences.

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Woolly Hat Poet

Benjamin writes and performs poetry whilst wearing a woolly hat. He is the Woolly Hat Poet and when he is not performing poetry he can usually be found playing video games and drinking a nice green tea. He has authored his own poetry pamphlet ‘Level Up’ and is a qualified primary teacher. He also loves science fiction and animation.

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