You’ll be Fed & Watered!

Down at the Riverside Festival are bringing you a great culture of food and drink from all over the globe. We have dedicated food and drink zones so that you are never short of anything you may need.

Quench your thirst!

We have a huge selection of different bars for you to choose from. Visit our famous Riot Bar, providing delicious cocktails, which we’re sure you will appreciate or taste a section of Gin’s at our exclusive Gin Bar. We also have plenty of craft ales on offer for you to try.

Artisan Coffee

All freshly roasted beans sourced from Allpress Espresso, a specialist London based roaster, serving their signature blend of Brazil, Sumatran, Colombian and Guatemalan origins that has been roasted in the classic Milanese style and offers a rich, full-bodied flavour.

Farmers, Growers, Brewers!

Creating Farm Yard Ales was Steven’s way of following his passion and creating a sustainable business for himself and future generations, all the while being based on the family farm.

Farm Yard Ales was a “daft idea” thought up by Steven when he was enjoying a few beers with pals in his local. The daft idea didn’t leave Steven and the more he thought about it, the more it looked liked Farm Yard Ales could actually happen.

Aiming to be a strong local brand around the Lancashire area, Farm Yard Ales has a big future ahead of it, with a plan to employ fellow Lancastrians from nearby communities. The long term plan is to become a national brand, supplying all over the UK through continuous innovation, the passion for a good pint and Steven’s drive for his not-so-daft idea.

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