The Riot Bar

We have a huge selection of different bars for you to choose from. Visit our famous Riot Bar, providing delicious cocktails, which we’re sure you will appreciate or taste a section of Gin’s at our exclusive Gin Bar. We also have plenty of craft ales on offer for you to try.

The Riot Bar DJs


For over five years this homegrown DJ has displayed his taste for music across many dance genre’s including a keen interest in breakbeat and other niche styles.

Having played at various festivals and events throughout the North, including his own dance night ‘Rat Rave’ – his style takes you on a creative journey that gives you chance to let go of the outside world by losing it all on the dance floor.

Geeza Bilton

Spinning vinyl for nearly 20 years, playing live at various events and venues, indoors and out, big and small since 2003. Currently runs and organizes his own events under the name of ‘The Volume Junkies’. Enjoys mixing a wide range of genres from an extensive vinyl collection. But has a real passion for old skool and breakbeat. So…expect to hear an eclectic mix of tunes…taking you back to those carefree days….


Who was influenced by DNB/HOUSE DJ’s in the mid-90’s, The likes of DJ Hype, Nicky Blackmarket, Mampi Swift, Ellis Dee and DJ Rap first caught the attention of this DJ’s and shaped the style of his mixing. From the early rave days in the 90’s he forged his own path, DJing on sites such as UNITY FM (Preston), Splash FM (Blackpool), Fylde FM (Blackpool), Shotta TV (Preston & Blackpool) and currently on OTB Show Blackpool which he is the owner of. he has also played at various events in and around the UK and abroad whether in a club, pub, field or beach he has always been able to control the crowd with his unique style of mixing. Always a set not to be missed, playing upfront floorfillers and play with enough energy so that he guarantees to get everyone on the dancefloor.

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