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What Have We Got To ‘SHOW’ You?

Where in the world can you go where there will be many different theatre acts all in one place for you to choose from. Down by the Riverside Festival are proud to be able to bring you a theatre themed festival based around our different acts and theatre groups.


The Main Event

Long ago when time stood still, the world looked very different, For what we now take as fact was naught but non-existent. In the sky the sun still shone, its rays – a bright phenomenon –  Fell to the ground, and there upon 
 The red roses still did ramble on. But the ground on which the flowers grew Once beheld a different view, For the earth was flat for miles around – No mountains or hills to soften the wind’s sound. 

It seemed like all would stay the same  Until, one day, The Giants came. 

The Giants came from far and wide In search of somewhere safe to hide, For fearsome as they seem in size They’re soft as kittens in a mighty disguise!

The Giants are a curious kind, They live their whole lives in their minds. In dreams they live in greatness and wonder Before, each five years, they awake from their slumber To share the dreams with which they’ve been blessed Before settling down for another long rest.

The had lived this way with no alarm, They never feared they would come to any harm! But now they thought sleeping in the open unwise For they had fallen victim to the beast with glowing, red eyes.
 Upon the winds they heard its name, A dragon that sought to hurt and maim!
 When last they awoke from their hibernation They saw the remains of the dragon’s predation. 

And so they knew, before the next slumber began They must find somewhere safe for the rest of their clan To sleep once more, and they didn’t have long For already they heard the sweet call of sleep’s song.

But then, just as hope began to tire, They heard the sound of a beautiful choir!
 Mother Nature’s voice rang loud and clear; “Worry not, fair Giants! You can sleep here!”

The Giants curled up on the ground, And upon them grass grew all around!
 Then, suddenly, great hills rolled  And covered the Giants,  Keeping them safe from the cold!

And when the dragon came to see What he might have this time for tea, He found no Giants anywhere around – Only great, big, grassy mounds! So this time when the Giants arise They will stretch up tall towards the skies. Their thunderous yawns a signal call To Giants all around, big and small!

And now, forever free of their tormentor They sit and talk about their sleep adventures. Down by the riverside, on this day, The Giants have so much to say!

And when their story has been told, The wonder for us to behold, They will once more return to sleep And Mother Nature’s arms will keep Them safe from those who seek to hurt The Giants sleeping in the dirt. 

So, be gentle in your stride And don’t wake the Giants down by the riverside!


About Emergency Exit Arts

The company has a national and international reputation for excellent site specific and touring work, community and cultural celebrations and interactive performances in public spaces. We work with a large team of creative specialists, giving us the ability to deliver on every aspect of a project; artistic direction, design, construction, performance, facilitation, community engagement, production and event management.

Bash Street Theatre

Bellevue Hotel is a brand-new, outdoor, family show from Bash Street Theatre Co.

Set around a downtrodden boarding house in a typical seaside town, Bellevue Hotel combines silent comedy, circus skills and live music with a narrative of post-war Britain that still resonates today. It tells a story of hope against adversity, and a struggle against the odds, as hotel proprietor Elsie Lovejoy determines to fight against an eviction order issued by a greedy property developer.

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Woolly Hat Poet

Benjamin writes and performs poetry whilst wearing a woolly hat. He is the Woolly Hat Poet and when he is not performing poetry he can usually be found playing video games and drinking a nice green tea. He has authored his own poetry pamphlet ‘Level Up’ and is a qualified primary teacher. He also loves science fiction and animation.

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