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What Have We Got To ‘SHOW’ You?

Where in the world can you go where there will be many different theatre acts all in one place for you to choose from. Down by the Riverside Festival are proud to be able to bring you a theatre themed festival based around our different acts and theatre groups.


The Legend Of The Giants

Our Creative Partners Route Nine Studios have produced this spectacular story in collaboration with our Marketing Partners at WestCoastCo. for us this year: the perfect introduction to Down By The Riverside for all ages! The full story is available for a good bedtime read below.


Turn Around Dance Theatre

Follow the tale of a mischievous thief who, along with a furry fox friend, go on a quest to find the enchanted phoenix.

‘The Thief, the Fox & the Phoenix’ is a captivating original folk tale told through a performance fusion of aerial circus, dance, live singing and story-telling with a mesmerising musical score. The whole family can enjoy this adventure filled with excitement and wonder, to inevitably discover the true meaning of friendship. #FollowTheFeather

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Woolly Hat Poet

Benjamin writes and performs poetry whilst wearing a woolly hat. He is the Woolly Hat Poet and when he is not performing poetry he can usually be found playing video games and drinking a nice green tea. He has authored his own poetry pamphlet ‘Level Up’ and is a qualified primary teacher. He also loves science fiction and animation.

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The Mighty Dragon

Down By The Riverside the Giants were tormented by a Dragon for centuries. They were forced to flee the beauty of Dolphinholme & hide away until they felt is safe to return.

Many years ago the villagers were able to catch and tame the Dragon with the help of The Good Knight. The Giants were able to return to rest safely, in the knowledge that they could dream their stories in the arms of Mother Nature , Down By The Riverside.

You will be able to get close to our Dragon of Dolphinholme & find out how all came to be, with the stories of ancient times & Giant Hunting …..

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The Flower Seller

In ancient times before electronic devices, Story tellers used to travel the lands & pass on knowledge with tales of adventure , love & magical places.

Our Flower Seller is one such Lady who has had the knowledge passed down to her by many generations of ancestors. She holds the secrets of Mother Nature & has stories about the Giants Down By the Riverside.

So join in the adventure and search her out to find out the secrets & stories that she holds.

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Inés G. Labarta

Inés Gregori Labarta is a writer and artist based in the northwest of England. Inés writes in both English and Spanish, and her publications include a trilogy of novels, Los Pentasónicos (Edebé, 2008-2010) and the novellas McTavish Manor (Holland House, 2016) and Kabuki (Dairea, 2017). She is currently finishing her PhD in Creative Writing at Lancaster University while working as an assistant lecturer. In 2018. Inés launched an online publication and podcast called The Wandering Bard that features migrant artists and focuses on the connections between travelling and creativity.

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Flow Arts Workshops

For the last five years I’ve been performing contact juggling under the stage name The Magic Ball Man. I’ve performed to many different people in many different countries and the one thing people always say is how relaxing and peaceful my act is to watch and they ask if it’s as relaxing and peaceful to do. I can say without any hesitation or doubt that when I am in the moment practising any of the flow arts; contact juggling, hooping, poi spinning etc. I am at my most relaxed, all my cares and worries melt away, I am totally immersed in the moment and what I am doing. It is in this way as much a mindfulness exercise and meditation practice as it is simply a visual art form.

Isaac Hughes-Dennis

Hi! I’m Isaac Hughes-Dennis. I am a young comedy musician, magician, and allround nutcase, going round the country and making people smile.
I am from Calderdale and am an experienced and upcoming performer.

I play the ukulele, banjolele, piano, and electric kazoo. I play a selection of my own songs (which can vary from bouncy childrens songs, to the pure obscure and the oddly political, all of which are bound to get stuck in your head), classics from the 1950`s onward, and make up random dittys on the spot.
My ukulele highlights include playing at the Just So Festival 2015,2016 and 2017 on the main stage and campfire stage with Ian Douglas , Fair For Youth Festival 2015 and 16, The Grand Northern Ukulele Festival 2015, 16 and 17.

I also performed at Solfest 2016 and 2017 performing on the minidrome stage, doing walk about music and at the Ladybird Projects Cabaret. I always have got positive feedback and a good audience reception with both my own songs, and some classic crowd pleasers!

I have a unique magic style, creating many loveable and slightly crazy personas to go out and entertain audiences of all ages, adaptable for almost any occasion. My high-pace mainly comical performances have been made possible with the help from the Junior Magic Circle, of which I have been a member of for four years. I have opened and performed along side such performers as Neil Kelso, Ian Douglass and Professor Pumpernickel as well as starring in my own solo stage magic show as supported by the Ladybird Project. My ever growing cast of stage personas include Norman the Gnome, Pablo the Crazy Chef, Marcario the Steampunk Professor, Houdini’s Ghost and Isaac the Child Genius.

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Gary “Gacco” Bridgens The Showman

Gary will be performing at Down by the Riverside Festival. He will be storytelling and Running Ukulele workshops.

The Ukulele is the fastest selling instrument on the planet. This workshop (or series of sessions) is a fun, accessible and easy way to explore music and songwriting for participants of almost any age and ability. School groups, family festivals and corporate clients will all soon be thrashing and dancing along whilst performing with this cheeky little instrument.

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